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A perfect internship at LinkedIn

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I should have shared the wonderful internship at LinkedIn a few weeks ago. However, it’s my first time to write an work article, so it takes a long time for me to decide what content should it include. The reason for this is that I harvest a lot of things from here – LinkedIn.

Until now, I still cannot believe my internship at LinkedIn goes so fast. My summer internship at LinkedIn started off in May and ended in August with a group of talents from the US, Canada and so on.

LinkedIn cares interns seriously from work to life. In order to help interns accumulate hand-on experience, every intern could work on at least a whole project, which managers will take interns’ interests into consideration to decide.

For life, they provide a comfortable and convenient workplace and the living place with interns.

Working at LinkedIn Is Meaningful

LinkedIn currently has over 630 million members across the world. What LinkedIn wants to do is to help the members to connect economic opportunities. This goal requires all employees at LinkedIn work critically because they know what they do may help LinkedIn members and their families to have a better life.

As a UI engineer intern under Joey Bai, Profile Reputation team, I am so lucky to take part in LinkedIn Skill Assessment and Open To Opportunity. I am so happy that what I worked on will benefits 630 million LinkedIn member.

Working at LinkedIn Is Promising

LinkedIn cares about its employee carefully. As an intern, I felt that everyone care about my growth and experience at LinkedIn. My manager Joey always asked me what help he could provide to me for my work during our One-on-One and gave me really helpful and timely feedback for my growth; my mentor Jia Li scheduled a great and practical growth path for me to onboard and gave me a lot of constructive career development suggestions during the internship; my teammates, the whole Identity Team and other colleagues provided so much helpful assistance for me to grow into a qualified LinkedIn software engineer; my recruiter Lvy Hopkins and the Intern Program Team contacted me frequently to ask my experience at LinkedIn.

As an engineer intern here, I learned much more besides coding and development. At the very beginning of my internship, I underestimated the importance of communication when I work with teammates. When I met a problem and need to discuss with other teammates, I did not pay attention to the way to communicate. To be more specific, I did not express clearly my thoughts, what I did and what help I may need, which will make the discussion with low efficiency. Also, I realized more about the importance of working independently and collaboratively as being an engineer. No matter working independently or working collaboratively, my goals should always be solving problems. In order to do this, I know I need to keep self-driven and goal-driven in my work.

Working at LinkedIn Is Happy

We take work seriously at LinkedIn. Apart from work, we take work-life seriously too. During my internship, we had the Identity Team outdoor activities, team happy hour, Launch Celebration, LinkedIn summer Picnic, Disneyland tour, Dave&Buster’s and so on.

Another wonderful thing at LinkedIn is that food here is awesome. As a cook, after working at LinkedIn, I do not want to cook more because you’ll find you totally do not need to spend time on that. The food at LinkedIn will definitely surprise you.

Some dishes looks and tastes like Michelin, right? If you are a foodie like me, you will fall in love with the food here.


During 12 weeks at LinkedIn, I received so much from LinkedIn. What it gave to me far exceed what I expected. I’ll continue to improve myself and work with LinkedIn to help more members to find more appropriate economic opportunities!